EA permanent secretaries inspired by TZ’s DART system

PERMANENT Secretaries in charge of local governments from four East African countries have been attracted on how the Dar es salaam Rapid Transit Agency (DART) has improved urban public transport.

The PSs who toured the DART infrastructure recently were interested on how the project has helped to conserve the environment, how fares are being paid and the way it has speed up movements within the city.

According to DART’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Deus Kasmiri the PSs from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan have pledged to push for execution of such project in their respective countries.

He said most of them have pledged to bring their teams of experts to learn more on how they can take such model of transport in their respective countries.

The CEO further explained that while cities in EAC and the  world at large are seeking ways to  reduce carbon emission to diminish the impacts of climate change, DART is one of the emissions reduction ways which have so far proven helpful by transporting many people quickly while reducing the number of cars emitting carbon dioxide on  roads.

Statistics shows that Dar Rapid Transit buses are ferrying more than 200,000 passengers a day, a sign that such services were attracting many city dwellers where creativity to maintain quality transportation services can not in any way be avoided.

Next year, DART plans to  increase  other 750 buses  which will connect Mbagala area to the city center, a 20.6 Km distance and it is projected to ferry more than 750,000 passengers a day and reduce carbon emissions, according to the acting Dart boss

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