Drink wine responsibly as you vibe in Tanzania

TANZANIA: WINE consumption has been directly linked to the tourism growth in the country in sense that after admiring various attractions, tourists usually spend some time to eat, drink and vibe. In most cases, you hardly miss a wine bottle when they come together to have fun and this in one way or the other signifies how important this liquid is when it comes to partying.

There are a number of wine varieties in the market in the country, which provide consumers with a wide variety to select brands they want and it is good to see that extra brands are being introduced to quench people’s thirst and desire.

To exploit the market, there is economic potential when it comes to investment in wine that is why big companies are not afraid to invade Tanzania market with their lucrative brands which is a remarkable thing.

A lot of health benefits have been exposed from wine consumption with most researches showing that it has potential to protect the lining of blood vessels in the heart courtesy of polyphenols that it contains.

Of course, there are positives and negatives that one expects from anything which is consumable as it all depends on the amount that one takes. Imagine going to your favourite partying place and finding that the wine brand you wished to have on the day is not available, it can definitely affect your primary mood before hearing the heartbreaking news.

On the other hand, you can be joyous upon hearing that your favorite wine brand is readily available just waiting for you to have some fun with it. They also say wine helps to provide eating appetite to people especially if it is taken beforehand…so, there are numerous benefits that come with its consumption.

Upon seeing marketing potential in Tanzania, the Wines of South Africa unleashed a new product during a colourful ceremony that was held in the beautiful commercial city of Dar es Salaam recently.

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The Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Marketing Officer Matome Mbatha expressed his excitement to introduce a new brand in the country, saying there is a good interaction among importers, distributors and retailers.

“Also, bar owners, restaurateurs and hoteliers are looking to have South Africa wines listed on their wines list… obviously, this will give Tanzanians the best product from us and we are thrilled to be here,” he said.

He added that wine in South Africa is produced in Western Cape saying the soil texture and weather patterns there are so unique to prove them with a special flavour.

“South Africans are renowned for their warm hospitality and happy disposition, so enjoy the welcome and The Wines. South African wines add joy to life! “Wine makers in South Africa and producers are exploring different styles… organic is also another wine style which successfully have produced good quality, though many regions have not mastered yet. “The future looks very positive from the perspective that we have managed to be groundbreaking in many ways along the wines, which are unique by nature,” he said.

Furthermore, he pointed out that this is third time they have stormed the city to parade a new product while appreciating the Tanzania market.

On her part, Wine of South Africa representative in Tanzania and Kenya Wanjiru Mureithi noted that she was satisfied to see the turnout of many people, who come to sample out the new products.

She seized the platform to urge wine customers to enjoy responsibly, adding: “do not drink and drive,” while linking it to tourism development, where tourists like to take wine after visiting places.

“Tourists do not just come to see animals and other attractions, they also would like to congregate at one place to have fun and we recommend them to have wine as they celebrate,” she said.

Commenting on the occasion, Martha James, a resident of Kigamboni in Dar es Salaam revealed that she usually takes a grass of wine before and after a meal.

“I take one grass of wine before the meal because it helps to give me appetite and I take another grass immediately after eating in order to boost digestion. “Taking food without wine makes me feel sick that is why I thrive to have it before and after each meal either lunch or dinner,” she said.

According to her, she started taking wine in 2022 after finishing her university studies until now, saying she tries her best not to miss a grass of wine as it is among what she likes in this world.

“I cannot encourage anyone to follow what I do because what can work well for me is not a guarantee that it can work the same for another person,” she said proudly. This is just one of many examples showing that Tanzania has a reliable wine market as it is consumed by many people for different purposes simply to make their lives better and interesting.

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