DRC invests 1tri/- worth projects in TZ

WHILE the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI) in DRC has invited Tanzanians to invest in minerals, transport, tourism and health sectors, the country has already invested in 19 projects worth 463.34 million US dollars in Tanzania.

This was revealed by Director of Research, Planning and ICTs from the Tanzania Investment Center (TIC), Mafutah Bunini at the Business and Investment Conference in Dar es Salaam organised by TIC and ANAPI.

Bunini represented Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

He said in DRC, ANAPI is an authority like TIC noting that the conference aimed at exploring the investment and business opportunities available in the East Africa’s largest country in size.

“It is a unique opportunity that goes completely in line with the government’s efforts of creating more job opportunities, especially in the investment and business sectors.

“The government has made an effort to open up the country and create a better environment for business by promoting economic diplomacy where Tanzania can attract foreign investment and also our local traders can invest in other countries,” he said.

He added that, TIC has so far registered 19 investments projects from DRC which are expected to provide 1,018 jobs in the areas they invested including  construction, industries, commercial buildings, transportation, defence, tourism and service industry.

Mr Bunini said that through the conference, Tanzanians will benefit from exchanging contacts and seeing what opportunities are in DRC and that, with good diplomatic relationship, Tanzanians can invest in various areas and grow their businesses.

So far, opportunities that Tanzanian investors can tape from DRC, includes exporting agricultural products, marine products for DRC has been a importing fish from Tanzania.

“TIC is working on to strengthen the cooperation with ANAPI… in the future we may visit the country for more talks about the investment and business opportunities between Tanzania that our brothers in the DRC which is also a member of the East African Community,,” he said.

On the other side, Mr Bunini affirmed that Tanzania still has a large potential of investing in the cultivation of edible oil producing crops and other types food crops such as rice. Also Tanzania has a very large market and easily facilitates exporting abroad. There is also livestock fattening, Tanzania is the second country in Africa for raising beef and milk cows.

“We invite people to invest in breeding and fattening especially to produce the best cows and the best meat for sale here and even abroad,” he said.

He said that between the two countries, DRC and Tanzania both have different types of minerals, while established mineral smelting factories that DRC can bringing minerals to be processed here.

“But there is also an opportunity on the tourism side as you know President Samia Suluhu Hassan in a number one promoter of tourism by opening up the country through the famous Royal Tour film.

In tourism, Mr Bunini said that opportunities ranges in investments like building modern hotels, transportation for tourists, and invest in cable transport and hence, investors from DRC and across the globe are invited to take part

On his part, the ANAPI Director General, Anthony Kamole said that when investors go to his country to invest, they have questions if they will benefit.

He said his country was looking for investors to invest in the various areas and hence, Tanzanians are part of those interested  to invest in the mining, transportation, tourism and health sectors which have a huge potentiality.

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