“Don’t Hide children with disabilities, send them to school”

GEITA: A plea has been made to parents and guardians to ensure that children with disabilities are sent to school.

Martha Makala, the National Coordinator of the Tanzania Education Network (TEN/MET), emphasized this during an address to pupils, parents, and guardians at Chabulongo Primary School in the Geita region on Wednesday.

Makala stressed the importance of these children attending school and encouraged parents to reach out to school administrations and government leaders to facilitate their registration.

She highlighted the support available, including organizations providing wheelchairs when needed.

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Makala underscored the opportunities education provides, citing examples of disabled individuals working in various sectors due to their schooling.

Before visiting Chabulongo Primary School, the TEN/MET team, along with their partners, visited Bung’wangoko Secondary School to address challenges faced and explore solutions.

Today, the team will visit Fazilibucha Secondary School and Juhudi Primary School before the climax of the “2024 Global Action Week for Education” at CCM Kalangala ground in the region.

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