‘Diplomatic history in the making:-President Samia’s vision for Hungarian-Tanzania relations’  

In the realm of politics, our elected leaders often face immense pressure and obligations that go beyond our understanding. It takes a powerful presidential doctrine to steer the nation forward. President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s 4R doctrine provides a vision into her approach, aiming to heal our country and rebuild it on both domestic and foreign fronts.

Amidst a landscape where everyone seems to be an expert, President Samia’s diplomatic practice stands out. Her Tuesday meeting with President Katalin Novak signifies a significant milestone in Tanzanian diplomacy.

On July 17th 2023 a new chapter of bilateral cooperation was revitalizing the ties between Hungary and Tanzania. This underscores the credibility of president Samia’s foreign policy.

President Samia’s pragmatic approach, rooted in her 4R doctrine, has reinvigorated Tanzania’s international standing.

President Samia’s diplomatic stance stems from her own convictions rather than party affiliations. Her emphasis on reconciliation and rebuilding has attracted diplomats from various backgrounds, presenting opportunities for international cooperation and investment.

Like many other heads of State, Hungary is here to explore Tanzania’s untapped potential for mutual diplomatic cooperation.  This is a result of a new shift in Tanzania’s foreign policy.

By pragmatically opening up our nation, we strengthen bilateral relations and attract foreign investments and trade. While other regions have witnessed consistent diplomatic efforts, the visit of President Novak from Hungary is a unique opportunity. Exploring the Budapest market for tourism and fostering economic ties could greatly benefit our economy and tourism industry.

We have seen tourism flourish after the Serengeti National Park continues to hold a spotlight among the world’s valuable tourist destinations.

The possibility of Hungarian tourists choosing Tanzania as their next destination holds promise, paving the way for further cooperation between Budapest and Dodoma. Our geopolitical position and foreign policy choices align with Hungary’s objectives, particularly under the Danube Commission.

President Novak’s visit presents an ideal opportunity for progress between our countries. Hungary’s influence in Eastern Europe can facilitate trade and technological exchanges, providing us with a competitive edge in our region and across Africa.

As our demographics surge, our economy must absorb new skills in areas such as artificial intelligence, information technology, manufacturing, and effective tourism management areas in which Budapest excels.

President Samia’s pragmatic diplomacy calls for setting aside old ideologies and embracing rebuilding and reconciliation. Our national interests in Eastern Europe may not seem obvious, but with President Samia’s visionary leadership, we can benefit from Hungary’s foreign policy choices.

As the two presidents holding a unique position of first among equals as women at the highest levels this historic visit comes at a time of mutual International significance.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan and President Katalin Novak have the opportunity to make history by fostering bilateral relations. Our road infrastructure, essential for economic growth and connectivity, can learn from Budapest’s expertise in city tram systems and artistic civil engineering, such as the renowned Liberty Bridge.

In our national political discussions, let us not forget the importance of diplomacy. President Samia seeks counsel from foreign policy experts who understand Budapest, enabling the formulation of bilateral agreements that benefit both the Hungarian and Tanzanian people.

As President Katalin Novak visited Tanzania, let us provide her with convenient medium of communication during her stay and thereafter. Regarding treaties and conventions, it is crucial to adhere to the Vienna Convention of 1969 and the Versailles Conference of 1919, stipulating that bilateral agreements should be signed in both respective languages, with English as the language for diplomatic texts and international interpretation.

Let us embrace President Samia’s vision for a pragmatic foreign policy that has elevated our international standing and enhanced communication. Our nation’s progress hinges on shaping our foreign policy for stronger multilateral cooperation, benefiting our economy and striving to become a mid-income country while reducing poverty by 2030.

Hungary’s major investors, like the Hungarian Oil Company MOL and real estate developer Trigranit, can contribute significantly to our revenue and economic growth. By assuring Hungarian businesses of our peaceful and welcoming environment we can mutually benefit from expanded investment opportunities fostered by the bilateral ties between President Novak and President Samia.

In conclusion, the development of our nation is a collective endeavor, not solely the responsibility of the President and her advisors. Together, we can build a prosperous future for all.

The writer, Novatus Igosha is an advocate of the High Court, a diplomacy analyst, and a freelance writer on legal opinions and international relations based in Dar es Salaam. Contact: novartigoshaj@gmail.com | +255747130688

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