‘Diasporas to boost country tech’

TANZANIA Investment Centre’s (TIC) has challenged diaspora entrepreneurs to invest back home, especially in technology and innovations in an effort to speed up the country’s economic advancement.

TIC Lake Zone Manager, Mr Girson Ntimba, said the government opens more doors for investors including the diaspora by setting favourable environments and terms for investment.

“We need to create more employment, to open our economy, the country always has eyes and ears open to improve investors’ environment, diasporas have a chance to boost their home tech as Jema Africa Limited is doing,” said Mr Ntimba.

TIC Zone Manager said during the event over the weekend Saturday to mark during the 10 years anniversary of Jema Africa Limited, the tech and mining, owned by Jumanne Mokili a diaspora based in Japan.

The Lake Zone is the home of Africa’s largest lake—Victoria has immense potential for industrial investment in fishing , agriculture, livestock keeping , mining , transport and communication as well as tourism activities.

Jema Africa’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Jumanne Mokili said is time to invest on science, technology and innovation since with high-tech advancement the country’s resources including land and minerals will be efficiently harvested.

“The future of our country depends on us to cultivate high tech innovation culture. Our tomorrow is reflected by our present awareness and readiness to invest on high-tech exploration and utilisation” Mr Jumanne said.

He said his company which has root based in Japan now operating in Tanzania including in Mwanza and Dar es Salaam in the last ten years has provided 250 jobs to Tanzanians of which 55 per cents belongs to females and 45 per cents to males.

Equally, Vision World Company and MJ Global Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Joseph Makina said is time for Tanzania’s diaspora entrepreneurs to champion home technological transformation, especially in the areas of communication and transportation like electric powered car manufacturing.

“Making our country go digital is every one citizen’s responsibility, the government should only facilitate the process,” Mr Makina, representing the firms based in Tanzania and South Korea, said.

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