Deliver or quit – CCM

THE newly picked CCM secretariat has reminded all the government executives to deliver in accordance with the party’s election manifesto of 2020/2025 or else face the wrath of the ruling party.

Speaking during a welcoming ceremony of the new secretariat held at the CCM headquarters in Dodoma yesterday, CCM Secretary General Daniel Chongolo said that the ruling party has the powers to remove from office all government officials who perform sluggishly and inefficiently in implementing the party’s manifesto.

“We will not hesitate to take strong measures against all government officials who are not fulfilling their duties, especially in solving challenges facing the people in their respective administrative jurisdictions.

He said that it is shameful to see top officials appear before the media and complain, instead of deciding and coming up with solutions to the complex issue facing their dockets.

“In recent days, there is a growing tendency of some government top executives to appear in the media complaining. The ministers are complaining, permanent secretaries are complaining, everyone complains, instead of coming up with solutions on the matter of concern, that means they are not suitable for positions they hold,” said Mr Chongolo.

Mr Chongolo said that CCM is not ready to tolerate inefficient and sluggish executives who hinder the government to run according to what the party promised in the 2020 general election campaigns.

He vowed to take measures against them so that the party continues to gain public confidence.

“If we just let them continue with business as usual attitude, their failure will cost our party, we are not ready to keep smiling at them because Tanzanians need better services in various sectors and they entrusted us with the power to serve them. We must pay them in return,” he explained.

GS Chongolo sounded alarm to all government top officials, awakening them to exercise their ultimate power entrusted to them for serving a given population in their areas and stop complaining to the public.

However, Mr Chongolo called all government officials to ensure that the power entitled to them is well exercised including making a bold and productive decision and stopping complaining in the media.

He pointed out that one of the targets of the new secretariat is to restore the faith that the public has placed on CCM.

“All executives must know that their titles are hanging on a cliff, if they continue complaining instead of solving challenges facing their people, we will not hesitate to relinquish them of power because they are not capable of making CCM and Tanzania move forward,” he explained.

Mr Chongolo also hinted that soon the secretariat will start an official countrywide tour to inspect how the party manifesto is implemented.

“This will be an important step heading towards the coming local government election in 2024.

“Our tour will start in Morogoro Region; we will be there to assess how officials entitled to the power are implementing the manifesto. We will take a look at the whole system from top to the grassroots and inspect how people are served and how the officials are keen on addressing peoples’ challenges,” he said.

The party’s Secretary of Ideology and Publicity Ms Sophia Mjema said that the secretariat will work with new vigour, zeal and speed to propel the country’s development.

Ms Mjema said that her department will make sure that all members would be aware of what is entailed in the party’s manifesto, so that every member will be able to defend and advocate the existing ideology.

“Before going back to Tanzanians, we need our members to be loyal ambassadors. Every member should be able to keep up with our tone that will ensure a landslide victory in the coming elections,” she echoed.

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