Dar reaps the best from artistic showpieces

GROUPS of arts stakeholders met at Nafasi Art Space on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam to discuss ways to bring people together and build a vibrant, resilient, networked arts and cultural ecosystem.

At the event, artists showcased their local galleries and cultural spaces, including live theatres and cinemas, bookstores and record stores, live music, and multidisciplinary arts spaces.

Among those who performed on the stage were at Rangi Gallery including the multitalented Dorine Mugisha, a dancer, choreographer and creative Director and Lincoln Elias, also a dancer, model and actor.

According to the Nafasi Art Space Director Lilian Mushi, it is the second time they are organising such an art week event.

In 2020 they hosted their first art week event.

“Nafasi Art Space is pleased to announce the second edition of Tukutane Dar Arts Week that started yesterday and will climax on February 5th this year.

Tukutane Dar aims to build a collaboration for arts professionals across Tanzania and the continent, bringing people together to make a vibrant, resilient, and networked arts and culture ecosystem.

It features several important panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, exhibitions, showcases, and more that will be taking place at different art and cultural spaces in Dar es Salaam.”

This year’s event will run in seven different places.

The Director outlined the seven areas across Dar es Salaam to host the event, including Nafasi Art Space and Rangi Gallery as CDEA, Ajabu Ajabu, ASEDEVA, the University of Dar es Salaam and MuDa Kona.

These venues will host roundtable discussions in the morning while workshops and artists will showcase their creative works in the evening.

“The workshops will include a curatorial masterclass facilitated by international curators and gallerists, a film writing workshop, a community theatre, and a workshop on mapping creative spaces across Tanzania.”

On his part, the Executive Secretary of the National Arts Council (Basata), Kedmon Mapana, lauded Nafasi Arts Space for playing a significant role in supporting artists in the country, such as holding numerous events at their cultural space.

“Nafasi has been holding more than 70 workshops and more than 40 events since its inception. It is something to be proud of, and we recognise their contribution to the art sector,” he said.

And Space Director Rebecca Corey said there would be art experts from South Africa, England, Zambia, and Uganda who will hold a debate at the University of Dar es Salaam and encourage various stakeholders to come forward to participate in the workshops and build partnerships.

“We invite all lovers of art and culture to participate and join together with artists and experts to enjoy cultural activities,” he said.

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