Court frees former Hai DC Sabaya with conditions

The Moshi Resident Magistrate’s Court has set free former Hai District Commissioner (DC) Lengai Ole Sabaya who was facing economic sabotage charges.

Four other people linked to the case; Sylvester Nyegu, Nathan Msuya, John Aweyo and Antero Asey were released September 2022 after a successful plea bargain deal.

It was charged at the Court that Sabaya and his fellows threatened to disclose businessman Alex Swai’s tax evasion details, a move that enabled them to earn a total of 50m/-.

While the case had been called for mention on Wednesday, the prosecuting side represented by the Senior State Attorney Verediana Mlenza informed the Court that the accused had already submitted the request to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office to settle the matter outside the court.

After the submission, the court set free the Sabaya and directed the former DC to pay Mr Elibariki Swai a total of 5m/- as a compensation since the latter was a victim of the incident.

Also, the Court ordered Sabaya not to commit a criminal offence for a duration of one year.

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