Councillors in Bukoba reallocate 1bn/- for upgrading bus stand

BUKOBA : COUNCILLORS in Bukoba Municipality have unanimously agreed to reallocate 1bn/- that was set aside for the construction of a new bus stand at Kyakailabwa, instead the funds will be utilised to upgrade the old Bukoba bus stand that was in pathetic state.

Bukoba Mayor Mr   Godson Gibson explained that the decision was reached following concern raised by wananchi, passengers and bus owners.

“The dilapidated Bukoba bus stand was constructed over 60 years ago and was in pathetic state. During rainy season the stand is muddy and overcrowded.

Thus, the funds will be utilised to upgrade the bus stand and add infrastructures including a passengers’ waiting room and several offices,” he said.

Bukoba Urban Legislator Mr Stephen Byabato, on the other hand, explained that Bukoba Municipal was among Municipalities to be improved under the Tanzania Cities Transforming Infrastructure and Competitiveness Project (TACTIC).

He explained that the objectives of the World Bank (WB)-funded project was to strengthen urban management performance and deliver improved basic infrastructure and services in targeted area.

The 278 million US dollar project will be implemented in several Municipalities under the President’s Office-Regional Administration and Local Government.

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