Copyright infringement alarms Cosota

THE Copyright Office (formerly COSOTA) has issued a stern warning to what it claimed as reported increase in copyright infringement across the country.

The Office in its public notice published in different media outlets this week stated that it has received formal complaints from Television Broadcasters in Tanzania regarding the unlawful and unauthorized usage, broadcast and/or rebroadcast of copyrighted content contrary to the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act No.7 of 1999.

“The Copyright Office hereby reminds all broadcasters, individuals, companies and the public to refrain from using, broadcast and/or rebroadcast of copyrighted content protected under the law without prior written authorization or approval from the respective copyright owners or holders,” reads part of the notice.

Commenting about the development, Copyright Office of Tanzania Chief Executive Officer Doreen Sinare said the office received formal complaints from some Pay TV operators regarding the increase of content piracy  conducted by different platforms ranging from cable TV operators to streaming platforms where copyrighted content are rebroadcasted without approval from rightful copyright owners.

Doreen insisted that the Copyright Office is keeping  a watchful eye on copyrighted content broadcasted or rebroadcasted in various platforms and will not hesitate to undertake enforcement measures.

“We are required by the law to make sure that all operators adhere to the laws and that whoever has the rights is protected as required by the law,” she said.

In the statement, the Copyright office insisted that it will institute stern measures against all entities, organizations, broadcasters and individuals who will – in any form, breach broadcast rights and infringing copyrights by illegally broadcasting and/or rebroadcasting of protected works under the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, No. 7 of 1999.

“Our officers will be dispatched to all parts of the country for a special operation to establish all those who infringe copyrights and we are working hand in hand with other authorities in this exercise,” she said, adding that in order to attain a true level-field playing, the laws must be observed without any evasion or reservations.

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