Congress members want manifesto pledges completed

MEMBERS of Chama Cha Mapinduzi National Congress have commended the party’s achievements recorded in the past five years, calling for implementation and completion of projects outlined in the 2020 -2025 election manifesto.

The members expressed their satisfaction on how the party oversees the implementation of its manifesto which has been demonstrated in various sectors such as water, education, health, infrastructure, and empowerment of special groups among others.

According to them, despite the achievements there were various challenges which need attention for successful implementation of the party plans such as construction of roads, water and electricity projects, shortage of teachers and medical personnel among others.

They were speaking at the 10th CCM National Congress which was concluded in country’s Capital City, Dodoma, on Thursday after presentation of the party’s five-year report from 2017 to 2022 which was read by Christina Mndeme, the party’s Deputy Secretary General (Mainland).

NEC member, Mwantumu Mahiza commended the government for directing numerous projects in Tanga Region but called for their timely execution.

“There are number of various strategic projects listed in our region but we request the party to ensure their timely execution,” she said.

She said the region has received 130bn/- for water projects, and classrooms have been constructed but faces a challenge of shortage of teachers.

“Many classrooms have been built but we are facing a challenge of student-teacher ratio, especially for science teachers,” Mahiza said.

On health facilities, she said the region has benefited from numerous health facilities but   it faces shortage of health experts, including nurses, medical doctors and experts to operate hospital machines and other equipment.

She said people in her region mainly engage in agriculture, fisheries and manufacturing thus there is a need for having reliable power.

“The number of villages connected to electricity is still low so if more are connected it will enhance their livelihood,” she said.

Mahiza further said that though Tanga Port has undergone massive upgrading, there is a need for the government to consider constructing a new railway line which will pass through Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, and then Musoma to   boost its efficiency.

She said the railway will allow strategic cargo to pass through the port, generating more revenue.

Mahiza further said that once the Pangani -Bagamoyo and Tanga -Pangani road sections are completed they will connect the country to the neighbouring countries especially in the East African Community.

She also said that since a berth at Pangani Port has been constructed, there is a need for considering allowing passenger boats that operate between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar to ply via Tanga Port, an arrangement that will allow passengers from Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro and Arusha to travel to the isles without being compelled to pass through Dar es Salam.

NEC Representative for Iringa Region Monica Mbega called upon the government to construct the roads which have been identified in the party election manifesto to ease movement of people and goods since agriculture is the main economic activity in the area.

She identified the roads whose construction has been pledged in the election manifesto but yet to be executed as Ruaha National Park, Mufindi and Kilolo.

She, however commended, President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her commitment in fighting theft and embezzlement of public funds, stressing that such efforts should also be emulated by her subordinates for successful implementation of the party election manifesto.

The former Iringa Urban MP called upon the government to fulfil its pledge of constructing Mbalizi – Mkwajuni Road whose feasibility study had already been conducted.

“This road is very crucial for Songwe region   because it will stimulate development in the region… Kamsamba – Mloo road was also among the roads which were listed for construction but it is yet to be implemented,” she said.

She called upon the government to implement the projects since Songwe is a strategic region and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) gateway.

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