CJ launches Court of Appeal Sub-Registry in Kilimanjaro

CHIEF Justice, Professor Ibrahim Juma said that the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in courts will continue to be fundamental in serving people to get their rights to justice.

Prof Juma made the remarks on Monday, in Moshi district of Kilimanjaro region, during the official launching of the Court of Appeal Sub-Registry in Kilimanjaro region.

“The use of ICT has facilitated the performance of many activities, including those of the courts where the technology has already started to be used. The current plan is to ensure that all courts, from primary level, are fitted with ICT infrastructure, so that residents, among other activities can monitor court proceedings, wherever they are,” he said.

Regarding the launching of the courts sub-registry, Prof Juma said it was a big step towards acceleration of justice provision to the people of Kilimanjaro Region.

“Access to justice through the Court of Appeal has been moved closer to the people in Kilimanjaro Region, who had to travel long distances to follow court proceedings subject to the Court of Appeal,” he added.

Some legal stakeholders, including lawyers, have commended the Judiciary for establishing the sub-registry of the Court of Appeal in Kilimanjaro Region.

“Since the establishment of the High Court Registry in Kilimanjaro Region in 1993, there was no a sub-registry of the Court of Appeal, whereby people had to travel long distances outside the region to follow proceedings related to this court,” said Advocate David Shilatu.

“The official launching of the sub-registry of the Court of Appeal will allow the seating of the Court Appeal in Kilimanjaro Region; this is a big revolution as far as the Criminal Justice and Civil Justice proceedings are concerned in the region,” he added.

He continued to say that people from some parts of Same District, for example, have to travel for more than 200 kilometres to Arusha or Dar es Salaam to follow up on their criminal or civil proceedings, which are subject to the Court of Appeal.

On her part, Ms Tamari Mndeme from the Kilimanjaro office of the State Attorney said that the establishment of the sub-registry will also be a big relief for students studying law in the region.

“Students studying law will have the opportunity to get their practical education within the region, instead of going to Arusha or Dar es Salaam, when that need arises,” she noted.

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