Chinese national arraigned for attacking workmate

A Chinese national, ZhengYuang Feng was arraigned before the Misungwi District Court in Mwanza on Friday, charged with attacking his work mate, a Tanzanian Lucy Paul.

Both Zheng and Lucy are working for the China Railway Construction Company (CRCC) that is implanting lot five of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Mwanza Region to Isaka in Shinyanga Region.

Statements issued by the Police Force and Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) had it that the incident occurred on 18th March of this year in the kitchen of the Fela camp, in Misungwi District.

“The incident occurred a few minutes to 9 am 18th March this year at the kitchen where Zheng insulted and beat Lucy who sustained injuries,” read part of the TRC statement signed by Head of Public Relations, Ms Jamila Mbarouk.

The TRC statement stated further that, due to the injuries, Lucy was rushed to Bugando hospital for treatment and later on 21st March she was discharged.

“Right now, her health condition is monitored by SGR project doctor at the Fela camp,” read further the statement, noting that Zheng was arrested and taken to the Railway police station and later on transferred to Misungwi police station.

He was then taken to court on Friday to face his charges; he is still under custody in the Misungwi Police Station after failure to meet the bail conditions.

Due to the incident, TRC has instructed the contractor of SGR Lot five; CCECC-CRCC, to ensure Lucy Paul is treated correctly in accordance with the laws.

“The contractor should ensure Lucy is enjoying freedom of work throughout the project,” said Ms Mbarouk in a statement.

“TRC is strictly prohibiting all kinds of violence and mistreatment to the workers, we are instructing the contractors to monitor practices of their employees for the sake of ensuring such incidents aren’t happening in the projects,” she insisted.

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