Chana: Promote, protect valuable culture

CALL has been made for the Community to continue to promoting and protecting our valuable culture for the honourable, better, and stronger society.

Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports, Ambassador Pindi Chana made the remark on  March 8th, 2023, during International Women’s Day celebration held in Njombe.

The Minister said that the community should continue to condemn behaviours that are against Tanzanian culture and values that have begun to emerge in the community.

“I appeal for the community, to utilise our social groups meeting talking about the issues of moral erosion and its effects in order to protect our nation,” she emphasised.

She used the opportunity to encourage artists in various areas of the country to continue to use the Culture and Arts Fund to improve their works.

“We want to see high-quality cultural and artworks, the government has already done its work to allocate the funds, it is for artists’ turn to utilise them for the individual and country’s benefit,” she said.

She, however, said the artists can also use the loans provided by the District Council to promote their works.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Chana has said the government will continue to strengthen sports from the grassroots level.

Chana said, the government takes 5 per cent of lottery gaming to contribute to the development of sports in the country, which is a big boost.

She encouraged investors to chip in to support the government’s moves and invest in the area as they waived the value-added tax (VAT) on artificial grass.

Addressing, the Njombe Regional Commissioner, Anthony Mtaka has asked parents and guardians in the region to ensure that girls do not stay at home but are given equal opportunity to go to school as well as stressing the community not to be ashamed to speak up and condemn morals that are not allowed in Tanzanian society.

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