CCBRT provides free eye screening, treatment to Dar residents

CCBRT Hospital in partnership with Light for the World has launched an eye screening and treatment campaign for children under five years old, a move aimed at protecting them from eye related problems as they grow.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam over the weekend during a free- eye treatment exercise for children under five years at Temeke’s Mbande Dispensary, Dr Picard Adubango from CCBRT Hospital said the hospital was committed to providing eye screening and treatment.

“We (CCBRT Hospital) are all out to eliminate eye related diseases among the children in the country,” Dr Adubango said, adding that their presence at Mbande Dispensary gave a clear picture of the problem.

He said eye related disease was a threat in the country, adding that CCBRT with its partners has decided to come up with the campaign to minimise cases among the children.

“We have begun with Mbande Dispensary and then we will go to other different parts in the country so as to reach as many children as possible,” he explained.

Dr Adubango called on parents to accord cooperation including to accompany kids to the dispensary or at any place where the exercise was set to be conducted.

“For Mbande, we have managed to see 65 children and most of them were allergic and shortsighted,” Dr Adubango said.

Earlier, Ward Clinical Officer at Mbande, Ms Agneta John thanked CCBRT for providing free eye-screening service, saying it was the right time.

“Our dispensary provides eye screening service. But with the support from CCBRT we can reach more people,” she said.

She described her satisfaction over the professional service offered at the dispensary, showering praises on CCBRT commitment to rescue children from early ages.

On her part, Ms Zawadi Rajabua resident of Mbande kisiwani thanked CCBRT and its partners for eye-screening and treatment for children.

“There is no doubt that your presence at Mbande Dispensary has attracted many children with eye problems,” She explained.

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