Campaign to identify children with special needs kicks off

DODOMA: DODOMA City Council has launched a special campaign to identify children with special needs in the community for them to access their right to education and care in accordance with the relevant laws.

The humanitarian campaign was launched this week at Hombolo Bwawani Primary School, located at Hombolo Ward, some 38 kilometres away from Dodoma Capital City.

Speaking on behalf of the Director of the Dodoma City Council during the launch of the campaign, Mr Issa Kambi, a Special Education Officer in the Dodoma City Council said, among others, the ongoing campaign will incorporate a major task of identifying children with special needs in the streets and bring them to childcare centres and other units.

According to him, the vital exercise will be implemented within the Dodoma City Council, targeting several areas including Itega, Salama, Lugala, Mnyakongo, Mtube, Nala, Chigongwe and Mbalawala.

“It is very disconcerting that some members of the public have a negative notion that children cannot do anything positive in their life, but in fact, these children are human, and if given love and assistance, they can grow to be prominent people and leaders in this nation,” he said.

The campaign will educate the parents and guardians living with such children on how positively to live and take good care of the children with special needs.

“The campaign will start at family level but the intention is to later take the children to the tailor-made centres where they (children) will be treated professionally by the specialised trainers,” he stated.

One of Dodoma city residents, Ms Juliana Linus, said the campaign is important because it is going to provide basic rights to children with special needs within the city.

“It is very sad to see some parents uphold negative perception, as some have been hiding their children with disabilities, a tendency which deprives the children of their right to education, health and quality education,” said Ms Linus.

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