Burundi upbeat with TPA resolve to simplify cargo transportation

BURUNDI government has acknowledged efforts made by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) for facilitating transportation of goods at Dar es Salaam Port after opening a service centre in the country’s capital- Bujumbura.

Dar es Salaam Port handles about 90 per cent of the Tanzania international trade. The port serves the land-linked countries of Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe as well as Burundi.

According to TPA Director General, Plasduce Mbossa, it has been three years now since the authority opened the service centre in Burundi in October 2020.

The appreciations were expressed yesterday by Burundi’s Prime Minister, Gervais Ndirakobuca in Dar es Salaam when he visited TPA to witness the performance of the authority.

The Premier said since TPA opened the office, cargo transportation services from the port of Dar es Salaam has been simplified.

“I would like to commend TPA for opening a branch to provide services in Burundi, an arrangement that   helps to simply cargo transportation, as inconveniences and other challenges are resolved quickly,” the Premier said.

Similarly, Mr Ndirakobuca also extolled TPA for providing the office space for Burundi Revenue Authority to work in Tanzania, a thing that also facilitates   transportation of cargo.

“I would also like to thank TPA for providing Burundians cargo handling facility at Kwala Dry Port,” Burundi Prime Minister added.

In a related development, he lauded the existing good cooperation between Tanzania and Burundi, particularly at border areas, something that has reduced crime.

He said Burundians and Tanzanians are crossing border points and doing business with ease, forging further relations.

For his part, Minister for Works and Transport, Professor Makame Mbarawa said the government has opened the door for investment to improve the efficiency and performance of Dar es Salaam port.

In terms of cargo handled by TPA from Burundi, TPA boss said the number of cargo handled by the authority has increased from 378,874 tonnes in 2018/19 year to 509,778 tonnes in 2022/23.

Speaking on TPA performance, Mr Mbossa said in 2017/18 fiscal year TPA handled a total of 15.5 million tonnes, adding that by 2021/22 year the authority managed to handle 20.7 million tonnes.

“Available data recorded at the end of last financial year shows we, (TPA) have reached about 21.7 million tonnes of cargo, with Dar port alone handling 21 million tonnes,” he said.

Adding: “All cargo handled by all ports is 21.7 million tonnes, but we expect to reach between 24 and 25 million tonnes of cargo at the end of this year.”

Burundi depends on Tanzania in importing  and exporting goods. Looking to enhance logistics and trade facilitation between the two nations, Tanzania has set aside 10 hectares of land to enable Burundi construct its cargo handling facility at Kwala Dry Port in Coast Region.

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