BMH sends its emergence team to Manyara

DODOMA: DODOMA based Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH) on Monday sent its Emergency team to Manyara Region following floods claiming lives of 49 people and over 90 people left injured.

Heavy rain over the weekend hit the town of Katesh, north of capital Dodoma resulting in floods and mudslide, submerging the small town in Manyara Region.

Head of the Emergency Department, Dr George Dilunga, said on Monday that BMH has sent a team of four medics to Manyara in order to provide emergency services to people injured in the floods.

“We’re going to provide the injured people with emergency service following floods in Manyara,” said the Hospital’s Head of Emergency Department.

The emergency team of the BMH include two Emergency specialist doctors and two nurses. The medics are Dr George Dilunga, Dr Method Pacho and two nurses who Mr Amir Msoke and Mr Paschal Methuselah.

According to Dr Dilunga, their role in areas affected by floods is to provide emergency service to those injured in the floods and control epidemic diseases following floods.

“Our other role is to provide support to our fellow medics in Manyara Region following the floods that claimed the lives of dozens of people and left several people injured,” he said.

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