Biteko stresses action to avail clean water

DODOMA: Minister for Energy, Dr Doto Biteko has directed water authorities in the country, to appropriately manage projects to provide Tanzanians with access to clean and safe water. Dr Biteko issued the directives on Friday at the climax of World Water Week in Dodoma.

He emphasised the crucial need for the Ministry of Water to prioritise providing efficient water services, stressing the importance of constructing large-scale projects such as dams to harvest rainwater, particularly in areas lacking reliable water sources.

“Implementation of water projects should not be delayed due to financial constraints. We must begin executing these projects and resources will follow suit,” remarked Dr Biteko. He also urged citizens, institutions, religious groups and other entities to invest in rainwater harvesting infrastructure to bolster water availability.

Furthermore, Dr Biteko highlighted the significance of environmental conservation, urging citizens to actively participate in shaping strategies for water resource conservation, especially as the government prepares Tanzania’s National Development Vision 2050 (TNDV2050).

Addressing environmental pollution, Dr Biteko instructed Water Boards and the National Environmental Conservation and Management Council (NEMC) to intensify efforts to control pollution. He emphasised the responsibility of investors to prioritise environmental protection when operating in Tanzania.

In addition, he has instructed the Water Boards and the National Environmental Conservation and Management Council (NEMC) to step up efforts to control environmental pollution and even when investors come to the country, they must take care of the environment so that they are not affected.

Expressing gratitude to the private sector and development stakeholders for their cooperation in the water sector, Dr Biteko urged continued collaboration to ensure widespread water supply.

Dr Biteko underscored the importance of comprehensive water management and capacity-building among water experts, emphasising the need for synergy among water-related sectors to streamline management processes.

Regarding the existing programme for the conservation of water resources whose implementation cost is 875bn/- which should come from various sectors, Dr Biteko instructed the Ministry of Water to allocate funds from its budget to ensure that the plan is implemented.

He said that many sources of water have been damaged and others are being invaded, saying it is high time everyone evaluated themselves and take action regarding the efforts put into the care of the environment so that the coming generations find safe environment.

“The water surveys of 2019 show that the amount of water available per person per year continues to decrease day by day from 12,600 cubic meters during independence to 2,105 cubic meters in 2022, so if we do not take action and deliberate efforts this situation will continue decrease every year because the water sources continue to decrease,” said Dr Biteko.

Earlier, the Minister for Water, Jumaa Aweso said that in previous years the ministry was a nuisance and blame but since President Samia Suluhu Hassan came to power, she had changed it by reviving various projects that had stalled.

He said that in 12, 318 villages, 9,737 villages have already been supplied with water, urging experts in the ministry not to get used to the problems of the people, so wherever water is needed, the people should get water, including digging wells .

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