Barrick Bulyanhulu inks partnership with Nyang’wale

BARRICK Bulyanhulu Mine has signed a 989m/-Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nyang’hwale District Council for supporting and implementing various social investment projects through its social corporate responsibility initiative for this year.

Speaking at the event held at Bulyanhulu Mine at the weekend and attended by Nyang’hwale District Council leaders and Barrick employees, the Manager of Barrick Bulyanhulu, Mr Cheick Sangare, said that the company will continue to cooperate with the government to ensure the projects’ success of communities surrounding the mine in accordance with the country’s policies through Corporate Society Responsibility (CSRs).

Mr Sangare said that the Bulyanhulu Mine this year expects to produce approximately 215,000 ounces of gold.

“We congratulate the Community Development Committee of Nyang’hwale Council for identifying projects that touch the needs of the people including health, water and education along with other development projects.

“I hope these projects will be implemented as planned and completed at the right scheduled time and I advise you next year to come up with sustainable few big projects that will leave a legacy even after the life of the mine.

The Chairman of the Nyang’hwale District Council, Mr John Isack John hailed Barrick Bulyanhulu for the great development revolution that continues to take place in the areas surrounding the Mine through the CSR funds which are increasingly improving the lives of citizens and making them proud of their existence of mines in their locality.

The Acting District Council Director of Nyang’hwale, Mr Majagi Maiga, thanked Barrick Bulyanhulu for implementing various development projects in that council and promised that the government will ensure that all the funds will be used for the intended target of ensuring the success of development community projects for the people.

Some of the projects that will be implemented with Barrick Bulyanhulu’s community responsibility funds in Nyang’hwale in this year are the completion of the private ward at Nyang’hwale hospital (97.8m/-), the completion of a Garage at Kharumwa village (40m/-), completion of  two classrooms at Ikangala primary school (11.62m/-), completion of three classrooms at Samia Suluhu primary school (18.83m/-) and construction of toilet and incinerator at Iyenze Dispensary (14.27m/- ).

Others are completion of the laboratory block at Mwingiro secondary school (16m/-), completion of administration block at Kaboha secondary school (67.6m/-), completion of the dining hall at  Kharumwa primary school (60m/-), completion of 5 classrooms at Nyamikonze, Ngwasabuka, Iyenze and Kafita primary schools (62.5m/-).

Other projects are the completion of Nyamtukuza secondary school-administrative block, laboratory block, toilet and water system (51.16m/-),

bus station construction at Ikangala (170m/-), completion of Mwingiro dispensary (74.17m/-), completion of Emergency Medicine Department Block at Mwingiro hospital  (69.25m/-), completion of Nyijundu dispensary  (45.88m/-), Performance Improvement Programme (PIP)  (25m/-), procurement of 2 simtank and water gutters at Mwingiro secondary school (6m/-), construction of an administration block at Kharumwa English medium primary school (60.08m/-), completion of the block at Kharumwa police station (17.93m/-) and procurement of Generator and establishment of its infrastructure at Nyang’hwale District hospital (50m/-).

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