Another high-end tourist hotel in offing in Zanzibar 

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR’S ambition of having more high-end tourist hotels here has been boosted by the planned construction of a new hotel.

The envisaged new hotel to be named ‘Tulia Pamunda Hotel and Resort’ on the Pamunda islet, was among several small Islands left unutilized for many years.

Minister of State- Office of the President (Diaspora and State House Affairs) Jamal Kassim Ali laid the foundation Stone for the construction of the hotel as he expressed his happiness with the development, so far.

“The government through Zanzibar Investments Promotion Authority (ZIPA) has released more than 10 small Islands to foreign investment, it is good that the investors have shown seriousness,” he said.

He promised that the government will ensure the environment in the leased islands is favorable for the investors so that the country “Gets the income to fund its development programs.”

The laying of the foundation stone for the ‘Tulia Pamunda resort hotel’ was among activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the 1964 revolution which aimed to promote equality and development in all aspects.

Mr Ali explained that the society has a responsibility to realize the importance of accepting investors, and providing them with all the necessary help in establishing projects and environment conservation.

ZIPA Executive Director Mr Sharif Ali Sharif said his institution now eyes huge investment so that ‘strategic’ investments find their way to Zanzibar, “We eye for bigger projects because we have a conducive environment.”

The Tulia- Pamunda Island project manager Lucas Senegor said “This is a unique opportunity we have got in Zanzibar. We will do our best to complete our project and do business for our development and the nation.”

‘Tullia-Pamunda Hotel and Resort’ project, the 79bn/- investment, is expected to be completed by the end of 2025, and will create more than 300 jobs. The investor has promised to construct a fish market for fishers who were previously using the island as their assembling point.


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