Airtel, CRDB launch fees payment platform

AIRTEL Tanzania has partnered with CRDB Bank to launch payment platform to enable customers pay school fees directly from Airtel money to their schools.

Airtel Money Director, Mr Andrew Rugamba, said yesterday that the service is available for all schools that are banked with CRDB Bank and are issuing control numbers to parents to enable school fees payments.

“Using Airtel money, parents and guardians can now pay school fees for their children conveniently. Payment may be full amount or part payment as desired by the parent,” he said.

He said Airtel Money and CRDB bank have now have fully integrated their platforms to enable parents pay school fees using control numbers provided at the schools.

Currently, over 150 schools are using the CRDB school fees platforms, ranging from primary to secondary schools and institutes of higher learning.

He said parents should request for the control number for their children’s  school fees from the school and use them to conveniently pay school fees throughout the year.

“The school fees payment service demonstrates Airtel Tanzania’s dedication to simplifying payments for its customers in a very affordable manner, while rolling out its digital inclusion strategy in line with the national agenda of achieving universal financial inclusion,” said Mr Rugamba.

On his part CRDB Head of Consumer Banking, Mr Stephen Adili, said the lender saw the need to connect with Airtel, which is one of the largest telecom companies in the country, to bring digital payment for Tanzanians.

“Today paying school fees through our bank’s special control number will help both Airtel and CRDB bank’s customers to save time, bring about security- and convenience when paying schools fees.

“It is our hope that this partnership also supports government’s agenda of digital inclusive economy to ensure that financial services become easier and reach more people.

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