Agric forum pays off as TZ seals 5.3bn/- deals

TANZANIA : TANZANIA is expected to generate over 2.1 million US dollars (around 5.3bn/-) which will be accumulated from 45 deep fishing licences deals, said Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Mr Abdallah Ulega.

Such follows the signing of 45 agreements between the government through the Deep- Sea Fishing Authority (DSFA) and the China Overseas Fisheries Association (COFA) on the promotion and demonstration of fishing access in the country.

The agreement is envisioned to benefit people from both the Mainland and Zanzibar, whereas 50 per cent of the profit will be used for the operation of the authority, 30 per cent will go to Tanzania Mainland and 20 per cent in Zanzibar.

Speaking shortly after the signing ceremony which took place on the sidelines of the Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 which convened in Dar es Salaam for about a week and ended on Friday, Mr Ulega noted that the deal is an outcome of the prestigious summit.

“Tanzania has a long coastline of about 1,424 Km long, territorial waters of 64,000 square kilometres and an Exclusive Economic which have not effectively been utilised for a long time,” said Mr Ulega.

According to him, the government has continued to take concrete initiatives through the directives of President Samia Suluhu Hassan in ensuring Tanzania reaps high from the waters that the country has been blessed with.

He indicated that the country has a capacity of issuing licences to 100 ships at one time, noting that in acquiring more profit it is crucial for the country to sell more licences.

Major initiatives being taken to im- prove the sector’s development including the removing of some of the things in the country’s guidelines and laws has helped to open up the sector.

On this backdrop, he said many foreigners have started to flock to the country to register for fishing licences into the country’s waters.

The Minister disclosed that the 45 licences will earn the country over 2.1 million US dollars, stating that licences are a source of generating foreign direct investments (FDIs) to the country.

On the other hand, the country is embarking on major efforts to acquire more profit generated from the country’s blue economy by building a sea port at Kilwa Masoko.

He noted that this includes the plan to construct another fish port at Mangapwani area in the isles, whereas in the near future the plan is also to construct a state-of-the-art fish port in Bagamoyo, Coast Region.

Such initiatives are intended to en- sure fishing and fish processing is done within the country.

“By doing so, huge profits will be created through the creation of employment, taxes and many other opportuni- ties consisting of export of the fish,” he said.

He hailed DFSA for accelerating the agenda of unveiling the country’s blue economy to the world which is a great potential in the economy, urging them to continue further.

“The country wants to see our innovativeness in tapping the potentials that come with the sea…we want to see the sector bringing huge profits to our country,” noted the Minister.

In another development, Minister Ulega revealed that Tanzania has received a boost in its fisheries sector through support from Albacora SA of Spain which has donated two ice making machines worth 100,000 US dollars.

He noted that the machinery will be installed in Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland specifically in the fishing communities.

“The machinery for Zanzibar has already been deployed there, while that of Tanzania mainland is still on the way,” stated Mr Ulega.

He expressed gratitude to Tanza- nian partners, noting that the country is eager to communicate and assure the world that the sea is safe.

“Come and join us in exploring opportunities that the country has… there are no pirates,” noted the Minister while expressing confidence that the country’s marine systems can be able to spot any alarming situation, including each and every vessel within the territory and outside the territory of Tanzania.

He called on them and other investors to increase the number of vessels as the country assures them of maximum cooperation from the government and its authorities.

“If you want to invest in the country’s processing industries, Tanzania has ample space both on the mainland and isles,” he said.

He noted that Albakora has already expressed interest to start a factory in Tanzania specifically in Tanga Region, pointing out that the Spain based com- pany was currently trying to procure land for the construction of the factory. For his part, Zanzibar Minister for Blue Economy and Fisheries, Mr Suleiman Masoud Makame invited the investors to expand their investments in the area of fishing processing industries among others.

“Our offices are open…Tanzania is open for investment,” noted the Minister, saying the goal is to create a new Tanzania in the area of deep-sea fishing.

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