2023 Fashion Festival beckons artists

FASHION and clothing designers in Geita town are planning to launch the official art and clothing exhibition, named ‘Golden Fashion Festival’ to support the efforts of upcoming fashionistas in Geita region.

The Coordinator of the Golden Fashion Festival, Director of the Kasikana Collection Company, Bertha Komba, speaking to reporters recently, confirmed the official launch will be held on March 3rd, this year.

She said the festival will be used as a platform to bring together the talents of the upcoming fashion designers,  to promote arts and fashion goods with the aim to expand the scope of experiences and marketing.

She added the festival will raise the value of arts and designer products and remove the misconception that fashion and tailoring is not official employment.

“In addition, this platform provides an opportunity to advertise all arts and designers’ products related to fashion including clothes, shoes, beads, and jewelry.

“We focus on using this Golden Fashion Festival platform to look for active and creative clothing and fashion designers and models for further promotions.”

She explained the mission is to involve 30 active models and fashionistas in Geita region who will go to represent the region in the big fashion festival that will be held in December 2023.

The upcoming clothing designer, Rose Titto admitted that through the festival they will have a chance to promote themselves and show their artwork creativity to expand the scope of self-employment.

The model, Hans Brown urged the community to get rid of misconceptions about the fashion industry instead they are to consider models, tailors, and fashionistas as other self-employed people.

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