2023, a Year of innovation and sustainability pour

The government is steadfast in its commitment to uplifting the country from poverty by building a Competitive and Industrial Economy for Human Development.

The introduction of the Third National Five-Year Development Plan FYDP III (2021/22 – 2025/26) reflects this dedication, focusing on enhancing the quality of livelihood, promoting peace, stability, and unity.

The plan also prioritizes good governance, the development of a well-educated society, and the creation of a resilient, competitive economy. Addressing income and expenditure disparities within communities is recognized as a crucial element in achieving the goals outlined in the National Development Vision.

In 2023, prominent companies like Serengeti Breweries Limited have demonstrated a commitment to supporting FYDP III (2021/22 – 2025/26), signaling a positive step towards the plan &
intended objectives.

2,000 coastal residents have access to Clean Water:

SBL’s Water for Life program has had a profound impact after constructing a water supply dam in Handeni District, Tanga Region, Tanzania, benefits over 2,000 residents in the coastal area. In collaboration with WaterAid, the dam boasts an annual water yield of 137,000 cubic meters, equivalent to more than 53 Olympic swimming pools.

This marks SBL’s 25th project implemented across Tanzania in the last decade, providing clean and safe water to numerous communities. SBL’s commitment complements gov’ts efforts in increasing clean water supply by 85% of the population and 95% to have access to improved sanitation facilities in rural areas by 2025.

According to the Managing Director of Serengeti Breweries, Obinna Anyalebechi, he said, ‘this 380 million water project reaffirms our commitment to sustainable water resource management and recognizes the importance of this precious resource for present and future generations’.

Bridging the Gender gap:

They have additionally dedicated resources to a WASH program designed specifically for the women of Handeni. This initiative guarantees their direct engagement in the project’s day-to-day operations.

A deliberate move to empower women in overseeing water supply services from the dam and participate in community decision-making forums. This not only enhances their income by covering water tariffs but also involves them in environmentally conscious income-generating activities, supporting water resources management and overall health improvement.

Moreover, the WASH program strengthens proper toilet setup which supports girls’ access to WASH facilities during their menstrual cycles and hence improves school attendance.

Income increases and employment:

The renewed commitment of the government to private sector development has spurred Serengeti Breweries to launch market-centric campaigns, creating opportunities across the production, distribution, and consumption spectrum. Notably, on October 21st , SBL orchestrated one of East Africa’s largest festivals, the inaugural Serengeti Oktoberfest, drawing 5,000 Tanzanians and 102 businesses, agencies, and vendors at the convergence of beer and culture.
SBL initiated another significant investment over 2 billion TZS via its Maokoto Ndani ya Kizibo consumer promotional campaign, offering customers a chance to win up to 500,000 TZS with each beer purchase. The campaign provided customers with the prospect of passive income and unlocked numerous business opportunities for locals across various regions in Tanzania, injecting fast cash into the economy.

Empowering Youth in Agriculture for a Sustainable Future

Serengeti Breweries embarked on a transformative journey, actively participating in the agricultural sector’s evolution by fostering access to quality education and training.
Hence, through SBL’s Kilimo Viwanda scholarship program, they have supported over 200 underprivileged students pursuing agricultural-related courses, aiming to mold them into champions of sustainable agricultural methods. This endeavor, ongoing for four years, reflects Serengeti Breweries’ commitment to modernizing Tanzania’s agricultural sector by influencing sourcing and production processes positively.

Building Safe Societies and Responsible Drinking

Serengeti Breweries Limited (SBL) is actively addressing the issue of underage drinking through its Smashed Program, aiming to empower Tanzanian youth with knowledge and skills for responsible decision-making regarding alcohol consumption.
The program utilizes theatre in education, providing a unique platform for students to openly discuss and learn about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse. Simultaneously, the company, in collaboration with the police force launched the INAWEZEKANA campaign to raise awareness about responsible drinking habits, emphasizing moderation as a key preventive measure against alcohol-related tragedies.
According to John Wanyancha, Corporate Affairs Director for SBL, he said, ‘the campaign is a testament to our dedication to promoting responsible drinking habits within our community where we firmly believe that responsible drinking begins with each individual’.

Carbon Zero & Sustainability

In the year 2023, SBL also stepped up its interest to create a sustainable, low-carbon future. The company has reiterated its promise to reach net zero across our direct operations by 2030 by strengthening its effort in collaboration with key partners such as the United Nations Global Compact to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sustainability programs.
Speaking at the signing ceremony held in Dar es Salaam last year, SBL Managing Director Obinna Anyalebechi, said: “Sustainability is a key priority for our business as we strive to create a positive impact in the lives of community members where we source, produce, live and sell our products.

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