11 arrested on suspicion of mobile money theft

POLICE in Tanga Region have arrested eleven people on suspicion of involving themselves in mobile money theft.

Tanga Regional Police Commander, Henry Mwaibambe said on Thursday that the suspects were apprehended at Donge area where they had rented a house from which they operated.

Commander Mwaibambe named the suspects who were already taken to court as Hadija Nyange, Zaina Athumani, Innocent Ouma, Abdulaziz Nzori, Said Hassan, Rashid Habibu, Iddi Kamili, David Nipyoni, Omari Sekemani Mohamed, and Salim Rajab.

The RPC  said  some individuals were found with  substantive  amount of money amounting to  2.05m/-, 45,000 Congolese currency(Franc), mobile phones, 441  simcards, 43 papers containing phone numbers, five bank cards, 14 identification cards, and a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, police in the region have also arrested three people in possession of more than 300 kilogrammes of Khat.

The suspects were identified as Samir Sheemtwa (driver), Abdulaziz Bakari, and Abdallah Mdumu. They were successfully apprehended aboard a Toyota
Corolla (saloon car) with registration number T 467 CTS.

“Legal procedures to take the suspects to court have been completed. I appeal to Tanga regional residents to cooperate with the Police Force in fighting illicit drug business,” he said.

In another development, a total of 105 people were arrested in connection with various offences in an operation that saw a total of 63 motorcycles being seized.

He said out of 63 motorcycles, twenty had fake registration, eight had erased licence plates, 25 were stolen, and ten had no registration.

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