Zanzibar makes international headlines

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR has continued making international headlines after one of the world’s famous television networks – CNN International – started showcasing the Isles’ jaw-dropping tourist attractions on Saturday.

Through its famous programme known as CNN Quest World of Wonder, the network’s media guru, Richard Quest recently travelled to the archipelago, where he toured various tourist hotspots.

The host (Richard Quest) travels to landmark locations around the world, explores popular tourist spots and meets influential locals who provide an insight into the region’s heritage and culture.

According to the Tanzania High Commissioner to the UK, Mr Mbelwa Kairuki, the programme, running under the name CNN Quest World of Wonder- Zanzibar, started going on air last Saturday at 2: 30 pm.

The programme was aired yesterday (12:30 am, 10:30 am and 5:30 pm), and will be aired again on Saturday 27, 2024 (9:30 am and 9:30 pm) and Sunday 28, 2024 (1:30 am).

“It is indeed gratifying to see Zanzibar’s tourist attractions being showcased to the world via CNN Quest World of Wonder- Zanzibar. There is no doubt that, through this programme, people around the world will continue knowing our country and will be attracted to visit our various tourist attractions,” said Mr Kairuki as he expressed his delight at the airing of the tourism content.

The diplomat congratulated Zanzibar’s Minister for Tourism and Heritage, Mr Simai Mohamed Said for facilitating the production of the programme. He also expressed his appreciation to CNN International’s Africa Representative Amran Ahmad and Richard Quest and their teams for the production of the programme.

According to Mr Kairuki, his office initiated talks with CNN International last November during the CNN World Travel Market VIP Dinner held in London, UK so that Tanzania can continue using the TV station’s platform in marketing its tourist attractions.

Mr Kairuki, who was transferred to London from Beijing in August last year, has been playing a pivotal role in searching for economic opportunities from which citizens and the nation can exploit.

It would be recalled that while serving as Tanzania’s Ambassador to China, he helped to secure markets for Tanzanian agricultural crops in China and promote investment opportunities in the second-largest economy in the world.

Recently, Tanzania’s tourism sector attracted world attention, especially after the production of the Royal Tour Documentary with President Samia Suluhu Hassan featuring as leader-guide.

The 56-minute-long documentary is a regular feature on some television stations. It has been widely referenced and has become a popular presentational material. It has also become one of the country’s main promotion and branding video.

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