VP: Inspire voters for civic elections

ARUSHA: AS the country prepares for local government election slated for this year, Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango has urged religious leaders to inspire and encourage citizens, especially the youth to fully partake in the exercise.

Dr Mpango said that government will ensure a fair and enabling environment so that all citizens participate in choosing leaders they want.

The Vice-President made the remarks yesterday, during the consecration mass for Bishop Dr Godson Abel Mollel of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), North Central Diocese in Arusha.

He said the country is expected to hold civic polls to elect street, hamlet and village leaders, hence, the religious leaders have to play the key role of making inspiration to citizens for them to elect credible leaders.

“I would like to urge our religious leaders to give support to the government. We have civic elections this year to elect streets, hamlet and village leaders, so we need your support and collaboration. We assure you that the civic polls will be fair and credible,” he pointed out.

He said the government will continue protecting peace and nation’s solidarity, saying the leaders must be responsible and honour their oaths according to the constitution. Dr Mpango also ordered the Ministry of Health to fasttrack the process of making the Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) run into partnership with the government under public-private partnership (PPP) philosophy. ALMC is fully owned by ELCT.

“The government appreciates the church’s support in development projects in the country in various sectors such water, education and health,” he said.

In a related development, the VP said that government will always manage and protect the country’s constitution, including the right to worship for all citizens without discrimination.

He also said the government will ensure that citizens continue to live in peace and get better social services as well as investing in large strategic projects in all sectors which will contribute to raising the country’s economy.

Likewise, Dr Mpango called on parents and guardians to be responsible for supporting moral education for youths, for them to stop the misuse of social media platforms.

He said that despite Tanzania having a large number of youths, there is low response of them to worship houses, which leads to a lack of religious teachings that would enable them to have morals and better use of social media.

On his part, the head of ELCT Bishop Alex Malasusa said ALMC has been a useful medical facility for diplomats and tourists in Arusha, adding that it is time now to partner with the government under PPP philosophy.

“We see and have seen the efforts done by the government in promoting tourism in the country. We believe that under PPP the facility will offer high-quality services to tourists and diplomats who visit Arusha,” he said.

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