Use of family planning soars at Ubinga Dispensary, Zenga

TABORA: The use of various family planning methods has increased at Ubinga Dispensary, Ubinga Village, Nzega District in Tabora Region.

According to available statistics, each month, the number of individuals seeking these services has continued to increase from 40 in 2021 to 100 per year.

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The government’s strategy through the Ministry of Health for 2019/2023 aimed to reduce unintended pregnancies by 7,148,748, unsafe abortions by 2,669,638, and deaths by 22,164, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

Marie Stopes Tanzania, a non governmental organization has contributed significantly towards this success through its ‘Public Sector Strengthening (PSS)’ project, which has helped in mobilizing and educating healthcare workers and providing family planning supplies.

Ubinga Dispensary’s Acting Medical Officer, Raphael Peter, stated recently that the training has been beneficial, with services now offered daily instead of once a month.

However, he said challenges still remain, including misconceptions and low male involvement, as noted by Nurse and Midwife Aziza Simangwa.

She said sustainable investment and the inclusion of men and boys are crucial to achieving positive family planning goals.

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