Toddler Killing: Priest, father implicated

KAGERA: A total of nine individuals, including a father and a priest, have been arrested in connection with the murder of a two-and-a-half-year-old albino child, Asimwe Novart.

Asimwe Novart was kidnapped on May 30, 2024, by unknown individuals in Bulumula Village, Muleba District in Kagera Region. Her body was found on June 17, 2024, in Mnakongora Village, Muleba District, with some parts missing.

A statement issued by Tanzania Police Force spokesperson, DCP David Misime, said that after the barbaric incident, a thorough investigation was launched.

This investigation led to the arrest of nine individuals found in possession of body parts believed to belong to Asimwe Novart, stored in plastic containers.

The statement further detailed that among the arrested suspects are the child’s father, Novart Venant; a traditional healer, Desideli Evarist, a resident of Nyakahama; and Elipidius Rwegoshora, who is a priest.

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The priest allegedly persuaded the child’s father to engage in the trade, facilitated the involvement of the traditional healer, and covered the associated costs.

Other suspects include Dastan Kaiza from Bushagara, Faswiru Athuman from Nyakahama, Gozibert Alkadi from Nyakahama Kamachumu, Rwenyagira Burkadi from Nyakahama Kamachumu, Ramadhani Selestine from Kamachumu, and Nurduni Hamada from Kamachumu.

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