TFS officers arrested in connection to murder

GEITA: THE Police Force in Geita district have arrested four officers of the Tanzania Forestry Service Agency (TFS) over allegedly killing a person by shooting him in the Samina forest reserve.

On January 6th, 2024, a resident of Nyamigota village, Nyamigota ward namely Selemani Hamisi (34) was allegedly shot to dead by TFS officers after he was found inside the Samina forest reserve collecting firewood without permission.

The Geita district commissioner, who is the Chairman of the District Defense and Security Committee, Mr Cornely Magembe, said TFS officers are being held for investigation in connection to the incident.

Mr Magembe noted that the officers are probed over allegedly taking the law in their hands contrary to the policies, regulations and guidelines of the public service.

He made the statement during the funeral of the deceased at the Nyamigota village.

“As a leader in charge of the government in this district of Geita, and all the employees in this district, I am not happy and will not be happy with the incident.

“The public servant who made such a decision was not right, we as leaders have been directing all public servants not to violate the law in any way, since our country is under a rule of law.”

The Nyamigota Ward Councilor who is the Vice Chairman of Geita District Council, Ms Khadija Said urged the TFS officers not to use excessive force when arresting the suspects.

“I also would like to advice our people that we should adhere to the rule of law, I also condemn the incident because it is not fair.

“But people should understand the person who committed such the crime was not directed by the government. Even though a person had entered the forest reserve without permission the officers, if did so, they made a wrong decision.” said Khadija.

Ms Khadija urged the Nyamigota residents to remain calm and stay humble at the moment as legal measures are taken against those involved in the incident.

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