TFF for full scrutiny of Tanzania footballers in foreign leagues

TANZANIA Football Federation (TFF) has said that there is a need to have a complete scrutiny of Tanzanian footballers who play outside the country before inviting them to join Taifa Stars.

This was highlighted recently by the TFF Technical Director, Oscar Mirambo in his insights on the performance shown by some Taifa Stars’ players who parade in football leagues outside the country.

“We need to be serious here by ensuring that we have a thorough check of the players to see how they are performing in their respective leagues before inviting them to join the national team.

“Thereafter, we need to assess their performance in comparison with the regular Taifa Stars players so that we should create a team balance,” Mirambo said.

He continued: “Obviously, those who play outside the country are supposed to have an upper level of performance than their counterparts who are featuring in the domestic league.”

Furthermore, Mirambo said they have a long list of players of Tanzania origin who are featured in football leagues abroad saying so far, they have identified 186 players.

“Then what happens is that we put the file of the names on the table of the Head Coach for him to begin scouing procedures and if he sees potential in some of the players, he invites them to join the national team.

“So, on whether we have succeeded in this programme or not, I can provide two answers… firstly, we have succeeded in the sense that we have seen the performance of the players who were called.

“We are now in a position to decide fairly as to whether they have the standards of playing in the national team or the opposite… secondly, we have not succeeded in the sense that not all of them had a chance to play.

“As such, we hardly know if they have what it takes to battle for the country’s flag or not, but we should be serious whenever scouting players for national team duties,” Mirambo clarified.

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