Tanzania assures UN of environmental rights protection

TANZANIA: TANZANIA has asserted its position during the 56th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, emphasizing that it has implemented various measures to safeguard environmental rights.

Environmental rights include the protection of natural resources, the right to a safe and healthy environment, and equitable access to natural resources.

“We are here in Geneva to inform the public and the world at large about the steps Tanzania has taken on the issue of human rights and the environment,” stated Constitution and Legal Affairs Minister Pindi Chana in a video clip posted on social media from Geneva.

Ambassador Chana highlighted thaunder President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s leadership, the government has implemented numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing environmental rights.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank President Samia, under her government we have seen great things done on the part of the environmental rights,” she emphasized, arguing that protecting the environment means protecting human rights because it is from the environment that people get food.

‘For instance, we have banned the use of plastic bags which have multiple negative effects on environment,” she added. She explained that as one of the member states of the UN Tanzania has presented its report on the matter.

“We hope that participation of Tanzania is important because other countries will get to learn good things that Tanzania is doing,” she said.

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Currently, Tanzania is among East African countries with enough food as result of environment protection, she added.

Commenting, Ambassador Dr Abdallah Possi, Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the UN, said Tanzania stands with the world to join the UN efforts in ensuring that people enjoy their basic human rights.

“We also protect Tanzania’s interests by explaining what is right, for instance in this conference there was issue of climate change which may affect some people not accessing their rights such as living in better life,” Dr Possi stated.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs, Ms Mary Makondo, also said the Tanzanian delegates would also get chance to learn from other countries regarding the issue of environmental rights.

During the session which began on 18 June to 12 July more than 60 reports will be presented and will hold 28 interactive dialogues.

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