State lists people with albinism protection measures

DODOMA: Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has outlined eight measures the government intends to implement to ensure the safety and security of people with albinism.

The Premier made the  announcement in Parliament on Thursday  while presenting the government’s statement on child protection following the murder of Asimwe Novart, a two-year-old child with albinism from Bulamula village, Muleba district in Kagera region.

The government is preparing a national plan to prevent violence against people with albinism (NAP) in collaboration with the Tanzania Albinism Society (TAS) and other stakeholders.

Additionally, a meeting of all Regional Commissioners in Mainland Tanzania will be held on July 3, 2024, aimed at establishing joint strategies for the protection of people with albinism.

The efforts will include providing education to the public against violence to people with disabilities as well as those living with albinism.

This will be intensified through Social Welfare Officers, Community Development Officers, and Special Education Officers in all regions.

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The government will also conduct a review of the National Policy on Development and Services for People with Disabilities (2004) and prepare a Five-Year Implementation Strategy (2024/2025-2029/2030) along with a Five-Year Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy, set to be launched in the next financial year, 2024/2025.

A Three-year strategy for access to assistive technology (2024-2027) will be completed and launched in July 2024, targeting people with disabilities, including those with albinism.

Furthermore, a national plan to eliminate violence against people with disabilities for the period 2024/2025-2026/2027 is being prepared and finalized.

The identification and registration of people with disabilities will continue at village and street levels using the electronic system and disability database, which was launched on December 2, 2023, during the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in Dodoma.

Equally, the government will oversee the implementation of the inclusion Guide for People with disabilities to ensure their inclusion in society.

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