Samia to honour sporting spectacle triumph

ARUSHA: PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan is set to honour the victorious athletes of the May Day Sports event at the International Workers’ Day celebrations which are marked at national level in Arusha today.

President Samia is today expected to be the Chief Guest today at the National May Day celebrations taking place in Arusha where apart from her speech to the workers she will also present various awards to the best workers and winners of the May Day sports competition that was held in the city.

The May Day sporting event which brought together a diverse array of participants, showcasing a remarkable blend of athleticism and unity in Arusha was yesterday closed by the president of the Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA), Tumaini Nyamhokya.

Emphasizing the vital role of sports in promoting physical well-being and economic growth, Nyamhokya urged all workers and citizens to actively engage in sports activities to enhance their health and contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

With 56 institutions participating and athletes representing four federations, including SHIMIWI, BAMATA, SHIMISEMITA, and SHIMUTA, the May Day Sports event stood out as one of the most inclusive and diverse sporting events in recent memory.

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In a closely contested battle for supremacy, the Ministry of Home Affairs emerged as the overall champion, clinching a total of 23 points across various sports disciplines.

Ministry of Defense and National Service came second after securing 16 points, followed by the Ministry of Transport with 11 points.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defense and National Service showcased their dominance in athletics, clinching top honors in both the men’s and women’s categories.

The Ministry of Home Affairs led with 23 points in the men’s division and 20 points in the women’s category, closely followed by the Ministry of Defense and National Service with 15 points and 14 points respectively.

The exceptional performance of the Ministry of Home Affairs earned them nine trophies and 12 medals in athletics, including gold medals in various races.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence and National Service secured seven trophies and 12 medals in athletics.

The event also celebrated the resilience and determination of senior athletes aged 52 and above, with Juma Chikuku from the Ministry of Agriculture emerging victorious among men and Judith Orunda from the Ministry of Transport claiming the top spot among women.

Featuring a wide array of sports such as football, netball, volleyball, tug of war, athletics, cycling, and traditional games, the May Day Sports event provided entertainment and excitement for participants and spectators alike.

Overall, the 2024 May Day Sports event was a resounding success, fostering camaraderie, healthy competition, and a sense of national pride among workers and citizens across Tanzania.

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