Samia roots for sports funding

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has called upon stakeholders to raise funds for national teams.

Samia issued the plea to sports stakeholders, business individuals, and public and private sectors to participate in fundraising for the national teams.

The aim is to help them prosper in global competitions rather than just joining as participants.

President Samia made the call on Wednesday when speaking via Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa’s phone to sports stakeholders, with the President pledging to contribute 500m/- towards supporting the teams.

During the event, President Samia emphasised the need for all to come together and support the sports sector in Tanzania.

She noted that while the government has been working hard to promote sports, there are still costs associated with it. As such, she called upon sports enthusiasts, private and public sector organisations, business individuals and various other groups to participate in the fundraising event.

“I urge everyone to participate in this fundraising event for the national teams, enabling them to represent Tanzania effectively in various global competitions.

“As a way to kick-start the initiative, I, the Head of State, along with my friends, pledge to contribute 500m/- with the hope of encouraging others to follow suit and support the national teams,” she said.

Before the Head of State called Prime Minister Majaliwa pointed out the goal of the fundraiser is to collect 20bn/-.

The premier noted the aim of raising such an amount is to create conducive conditions for athletes to participate in international competitions and ensure that the teams perform well.

“The amount we aim to raise in this fundraiser is 20 bn/-. Our intention is to create conducive conditions for our athletes to participate in international competition and ensure that these teams perform well,” he said.

At the fundraising event, a few government institutions and companies issued their pledges.

Among the pledges include CRDB who vowed to contribute 100 m/-, TCB Bank 50 m/-, the National Insurance Corporation 50 m/-, Azam Group contributing 500 m/- and Royal Group 20 m/-

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