Russia opens window for Dar girls to get work experience

TANZANIA: AS the government continues to open opportunities for women and girls, the Russian Alabuga Start Programme has opened a chance for girls aged 18 to 22 to gain work experience by working in Russia.

According to Project Leader for HR at Alabuga Start, Mr Elmir Saifullin, the relocation programme to Russia for work experience will benefit Tanzanian girls who participate.

“This programme is special for girls worldwide who need to gain work experience in Russia and become professionals in various fields,” Mr. Saifullin explained.

He revealed that in 2023, approximately 1,100 girls from Tanzania applied for the programme, however only four girls qualified for the programme, which includes a total of 327 girls.

Mr Saifullin emphasized that the programme is designed for girls who are eager to learn and develop their skills, noting that educational background is not a barrier, but the willingness of the participant to be part of the programme is crucial.

“We provide them with work experience, professional training, and teach them the Russian language in four fields: logistics, service and hospitality, catering, and production operation,” Mr. Saifullin added.

For his side, Senior HR specialist Mr Konstantin Trifonov mentioned that the programme covers all transportation costs, accommodatins , and a monthly allowance of 650 US dollars (approximately 1.6m/-).

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Mr Trifonov stated that the program is a cycle in which beneficiaries will be supervised at each stage for six months to assess their dedication and willingness to become professionals and gain experience.

He emphasized that it is essential for participants to learn the Russian language in order to work effectively in the area. This includes knowing at least 100 words of Russian when applying for the program.

Mr Trifonov explained that they specifically select girls between the ages of 18 and 22 because they are typically more active and receptive to learning new skills.

This initiative is also aimed at empowering women, as many countries are doing. He revealed that the website provides detailed information on the qualities they are seeking, and any girl within the specified age range is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in Russia.

“After completing the program, which lasts from two to four years, participants will have the option to pursue permanent employment at the residence, apply for higher education, or return to Tanzania to work for Russian-owned companies in Tanzania and other locations,” he added.

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