READ reaches two million students through library renovation

DAR ES SALAAM: A NON-Governmental Organisation -Realising Education for Development (READ) has registered tremendous success since its inception in the country including reaching 2 million students through renovated libraries.

Other successes are renovation of 162 libraries in 22 regions in the country, installing computers in 17 schools, distributing 1,645,966 books and reduce the burden of purchasing books to parents/ guardians in areas where the organisation has established libraries especially in marginalised areas.

Speaking recently during the handing over of a library at Malambamawili Secondary School in Dar es Salaam, READ Tanzania Executive Director Naemi Sillayo said her organisation has also empowered the government to equip various schools which have libraries with furniture thus help the government to redirect the budget to other uses.

She said that READ successes have been registered through collaboration with other stakeholders among others Karimjee Foundation. On library renovation at Malambamawili Secondary School, Ms Sillayo said that over 24m/- have been spent for various work including renovation of the library building, purchase of new books, story books, novels and poetry books, Kiswahili, Civics, History and Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Geography text books.

The money was also spent in the purchase of three computers, installing a system for fixing chairs and tables and shelves for keeping books.

“All these will benefit a total of 2,042 students and 45 teachers in this school,” Ms Sillayo said.

The READ boss stressed the library to be used for improving and strengthening the level of education, learning motivation, knowledge acquisition, and even academic performance.

“Through this library students should be encouraged to develop a culture of reading through the library and establish and coordinating reading clubs,” she said.

She also urged the school administration to make sure that the books and furniture in the library are well-maintained so that they can benefit current students and those who will study at the school in future.

Realizing Education for Development (READ) is a non-governmental organisation that originated from the vision of the READ International organisation, which was founded in 2004 by Rob Wilson, a young man from the United Kingdom.

After working in various capacities, the organisation was officially registered in 2015 in accordance with the laws of non-governmental organisations. READ envision empowering young people (both male and female) to contribute to development at the family, community, national and international levels.

“We believe that we will achieve this vision by contributing to the strengthening of quality education in government schools by enabling a conducive learning environment, learning materials and teaching materials for teachers and students,” Ms Sillayo said.

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