Prostitution trial involving 18 accused persons resumes

DAR ES SALAAM: The prostitution trial involving 18 accused persons charged with behaving in a disorderly manner by standing at Sinza Mori and Manzese for the purpose of prostitution takes off today, Thursday, before the Sokoine Drive Resident Magistrate Court in Dar es Salaam.

Resident Magistrate in Charge Lugano Kasebele is hearing the criminal matter against Amina Ramadhani, Aisha Iddi, Mariana Sia, Mwajuma Hamza, Mariamu Hassan, Najma Hamisi, and Sabrina Gabriel. Other accused persons are Mariam Kitamoga, Elizabeth Michael, Rosemary John, Recho Kindole, Lobi Daudi, Diana David, Jackline Daniel, Mwajuma Bakari, Jenifa John, Zainabu Hamisi, and Recho Bakari.

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Meanwhile, the hearing of a similar case involving five accused persons continued yesterday where two prosecution witnesses testified. So far, three witnesses have testified in the case against Mwazani Nassoro, Mariam Mkinde, Mwanaidi Salilum, Faudhia Hassan, and Tatu Omary.

The first witness in yesterday’s proceedings was motorcycle driver Juma Ramadan (48). He informed the court that on June 17, 2024, at nine o’clock midnight, he saw six women dressed indecently being caught by policewomen at Tiptop-Club along the Manzese Midizini area.

“I saw the six suspects who are here in court. I can only see five of them, except Anthonia. I have been doing business as a boda boda driver for nine years now. Therefore, I have seen the suspects many times behaving in a manner consistent with prostitution,” he said.

The other witness was policewoman Massadi Kassim from Mburahati Police Station, who recounted how five police officers, including herself, interrogated the accused persons at Mburahati Police Station after arresting them.

She narrated that during the interrogation, the accused persons explained how they used the money obtained from conducting the illegal business, including paying rent, buying clothes and food, and paying school fees for their children.

“My fellow policewoman Tunusuru Marungura and I interrogated the five accused persons at Mburahati Police Station after catching them standing along the road wearing clothes that exposed their bodies, including breasts, stomachs, and thighs,” she said.

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