PM: Govt reviews land policy to check disputes

DODOMA: THE government is reviewing the country’s land policy as part of the measures to address the increasing land disputes countrywide, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa told the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Mr Majaliwa said the government is aware of the land conflicts, majority of which are due to increasing land demands, necessitating review of the land policy to come up with the best land use plan.

He gave the explanation in the National Assembly during the Prime Minister’s Questions Time (PMQs) when responding the question posed by Mr Salim Mussa Omary (GandoCCM), who wanted to know how the government plans to handle the increasing cases of land conflict in the country. Mr Omary said the nation is facing numerous land disputes which hinder implementation of a number of development projects.

He said the disputes resulted in the majority of people losing trust with officials in the land ministry, saying it is time the government came up with a system in search for a lasting solution.

Responding, Mr Majaliwa said, apart from the increasing demand for land use, there are also disputes of farmers in reserve areas as well as livestock keepers grazing in reserved areas. Others are caused by double allocation and district demarcation issues, Premier said, the government is improving the land policy to address the challenge.

“The land policy review process, when completed, will be brought to the Parliament, and once it is endorsed it will significantly provide a solution to land disputes. When reviewing it we will use the current challenges as case study,” said the Premier.

Moreover, he said, the government has improved the issuance process of title deeds and other permits especially to farmers, a process that is now carried out electronically. He said the government is aware of some corrupt and unfaithful workers from the district, municipal councils as well as the ministry level who aggravate land disputes in the country.

“We know there are some civil servants in the councils and the ministry who issue land use permits, while knowing they are doing so against the rules and regulations governing land sector. Cases of plot double allocation are rampant, a malpractice that fuels land disputes” said Mr Majaliwa.

The government is also conducting awareness meetings, including updating some of the regulations to check land disputes.

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