Over 30,000 youth expected as Dar hosts ‘Twenzetu kwa Yesu’ concert

DAR ES SALAAM: Over 30,000 youth are expected to participate in the ‘Twenzetu kwa Yesu’ concert, which will take place at Tanganyika Packers ground in Dar es Salaam on Saturday.

Addressing journalists on the ongoing preparations for the big youth event in Dar es Salaam, Deputy General Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCT)’s Eastern and Coastal Diocese, Pastor Wilbroad Mastai, said the event is set to bring youth from different parts of the city to quench their thirst.

Mastai, who also serves as the Kimara Parish Pastor in Dar es Salaam, said that ever since the concert was unveiled ten years ago, the number of attendees has been increasing yearly. The event, which is being heralded by the theme: ‘Youth, Be the Light,’ is a platform that brings youth together to proclaim the word of God as the church aims to build a better society and generation.

“We have succeeded in changing a lot of youth through this concert. We have many testimonies from parents who come to us asking what we do to their kids, what happened, why the sudden change in character. Their kids have changed for the better and have become a blessing to their parents and their surrounding society,” the Pastor stated.

He said that for the first time this year, they will extend the concert to other regions, with Mbeya and Shinyanga expected to host the event on June 29 and August 10, 2024, respectively.

He further noted that there will be ministries from various singers and gospel groups, including Agape Band.

“Youth of all religions are invited to this event. Consider it as an outing because it will indeed be fun, a stress-free day filled with dancing, singing, and glorifying God. We would like to extend a wide invitation to every youth and family out there. The word of God is a seed that, if planted, will grow and eventually bear the intended fruit, and the Bible says that God heals by sending His word,” he insisted.

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