New digital transformation strategy comes in EAC

ZANZIBAR: BDO East Africa has launched its ambitious digital transformation strategy named ‘Go Digital’, aimed at leveraging advanced ICT solutions, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), to enhance professional service delivery across its East Africa network.

The strategy was unveiled during a three-day event in Zanzibar, attended by over 63 representatives from 14 countries within the BDO network.

The BDO East Africa Chief Executive Officer, Sandeep Khapre, emphasized the strategy’s role in elevating the firm’s standards across audit, tax, advisory, risk, ICT, and business support services.

“We are excited about BDO East Africa’s journey towards adopting digital technology and AI to deliver faster and higher-quality services to our clients,” Khapre stated.

“Our ‘Go Digital’ strategy aims to cultivate a culture of innovation, making BDO an employer of choice and fostering talent development in technology.”

Khapre underscored the strategy’s focus on staff training in AI and digital technology to empower BDO East Africa’s young and vibrant workforce in navigating a tech-driven world.

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The initiative aims to optimize operations, enhance security, and elevate client experiences across diverse sectors and markets.

“The new strategy aims to optimize the firm’s extensive professional experience across various sectors and markets, streamline operations, reinforce security, and improve client experiences.”

Managing Partner for BDO East Africa Tanzania, Yusuf Chanyika, reassured that the ‘Go Digital’ initiative would not lead to job losses but rather create new opportunities within the firm’s network.

“The launch of ‘Go Digital’ underscores BDO’s commitment to harnessing digital technology and AI, positioning us as early adopters in a rapidly evolving business landscape,” Chanyika affirmed.

“As BDO East Africa embarks on this digital journey, we remain dedicated to enhancing customer experience, maintaining quality, and reinforcing our position as leaders in the professional services industry,” he said

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