NCAA chosen for world travel award

ARUSHA: NGORONGORO Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) has been nominated to compete for the World Travel Award in the African Leading Tourist Attractions 2024 category.

Speaking here on Sunday, Acting Conservation Commissioner, Victoria Shayo, said NCAA won the world’s travel award last year and this year they look forward to scooping the award again.

“Today April 28, 2024, NCA we officially launch this year’s voting campaign which will be led by the slogan: ‘you vote we win’, and the voting will end on September 28 this year,” said Ms Shayo.

She asked the stakeholders of tourism, conservation and all people in the country to vote for the NCAA because if it wins the award it will continue to promote the country in the world.

“Each of us should vote for the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority, if we win this competition, the award will help our country to bring in more tourists, bring in foreign currency and also to improve the country’s economy,” she explained.

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In addition, she said that Tanzania is among the five countries which participate in the competition for the awards, others are Egypt, Malawi, Botswana and South Africa.

On her side, NCAA Senior Assistant Conservation Commissioner of Tourist Service, Ms Mariamu Kobelo, urged journalists to be part of the voting campaign by encouraging people in the society to vote for the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority.

“I wish all of you to participate for encouraging members of the society to vote for and educate them over the importance of voting and choosing Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority to promote our country around the world and African continent in general,” she said. NCAA Principal Tourism Officer, Mr Peter Makutia, said that the NCAA has a lot of attractions compared to other countries in Africa.

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