Mwinyi urges academicians to research, honour Karume

ZANZIBAR: PRESIDENT Hussein Ali Mwinyi on Saturday graced the historic event of the inauguration of the ‘intellectual chair’ of the late First President of Zanzibar Abeid Amani Karume, calling the public to honour him by working hard.

Dr Mwinyi also urged academicians to conduct research and studies that would help to bring positive changes to the people of Zanzibar.

The event that was held at the State University of Zan￾zibar (SUZA), Tunguu in Un￾guja Central district attracted dignitaries including retired leaders, Dr Jakaya Kikwete, Dr Amani Karume and Steven Wasira.

“I thank all the guests who have responded to the invitation. This shows your sincere respect and appreciation to the contributions made by the late Mzee Abeid Amani Karume,” Dr Mwinyi said before the enthusiastic audience including students.

He also thanked SUZA for organising the colourful event and establishing the Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume Professorial Chair (Kigoda) of Liberation and Development of Africa.

Dr Mwinyi explained that the late Karume was bold, committed and a patriot leader who sincerely worked harder for the freedom and development of Zanzibar and Africa in general.

“He is the one who led the Revolution of Zanzibar on January 12, 1964, which brought political, economic and social freedom to the people of Zanzibar.

This revolution was not only for Zanzibar but it brought a great impetus to the liberation movement of the African con￾tinent,” he said.

President Mwinyi explained that after the merger with Tanganyika on April 26, 1964 and the formation of the United Republic of Tanzania, the late Mzee Karume continued to be a committed leader by building a strong and united Zanzibar and Tanzania in general.

He pointed out that the objec￾tives of the gathering at SUZA, include preserving, envisaging and spreading the thoughts and ideas of Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume.

This will be done through studies, debates, meetings and making various publications on developing the internal and external cooperation in Africa as promoted by late Karume after the Revolution.

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He said the implementation of Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume professorial chair programmes will include putting into practice his thoughts and philosophies through schools, colleges and communities in general in various ways.

He promised that the government will ensure that the main objectives of the professorial chair are successful in order to maintain history and bring developmental benefits to the well-being of our society.

“I would like to ask the private sector and other local and international organisations to cooperate with the government in helping this professorial chair to carry out its duties,” said Dr Mwinyi.

Dr Mwinyi urged academicians to use the opportunity to do research and other academic work through the professorial chair to develop their professions and contribute to the development of the communities.

Giving his view, former Presidents, Dr Jakaya Kikwete, Dr Amani Karume, Dr Shein, and CCM Cadre and former cabinet minister, Steven Wasira praised the late Karume’s wisdom and vision on the liberation of Zanzibar from colonialism and slavery.

“I urge Tanzanians to take advantage of the opportunity of the existing union of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, formed by late Karume and the Father of the Nation, the late Julius Kambarage Nyerere to focus on development issues,” Kikwete said.

Dr Amani Karume, retired President of Zanzibar has been selected the ambassador of Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume Professorial Chair.

He commended SUZA and Zanzibar government for the move, urging people to use the opportunity to build the nation. On his part, Dr Ali Muhammed Shein praised the ability of the late Mzee Karume upgrading education sector and serving the public equally.

He said, Mzee Karume achieved these goals after sending youth abroad to acquire knowledge.

He said many citizens were sent to Cuba, China, Bulgaria, Russia and other countries with the intention of learning and returning home to develop Zanzibar.

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