Minister orders arrest of suspects over sale of NSSF land

DAR ES SALAAM: MINISTER for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements, Mr Jerry Silaa has ordered for arrest of three suspects over fraudulently selling the land belonging to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) at Toangoma area in Temeke District.

The suspects are accused of selling land owned by the NSSF at Malela area at Tuangoma Ward, in Kigamboni.

Minister Silaa issued the order on Wednesday after he toured Toangoma area where the NSSF was set to implement 600 units housing project.

The minister said local government officers have been stopped in engaging in land sale process in preventing fraud in land issues.

In line with this, the ministry has come up with new documents for land purchases that will ensure that the people involved in the sale, including witnesses, are committed and easy to trace wherever they are.

He therefore directed the Commissioner for Lands in the Dar es Salaam to complete the process of obtaining new documents for land purchases to avoid land fraud, which has become rampant.

“I direct the Commissioner of Land, Dar es Salaam region, to end the land invasion, which is the only catalyst that will ensure the public adheres to the law,” he said.

He said that there are always outcries when the government decides to demolish houses of people who invaded lands, without understanding they have violated the law.

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On his part, NSSF Property Manager Geoffrey Timothy said that the project at Toangoma started in 2014 but was stopped in 2016 after the government directed that social security funds stop investing in housing project.

According to him, they received information about the suspects selling land belonging to the fund, noting that some have built on a road reserve, among other social services areas.

“We will demolish all the houses of the people who obtained the fund’s land fraudulently,” he said.

Commenting, Chairman of the Malela-Toangoma Local Government, Mr Oswin Mkinga, said the incidents of fraud have been going on for a long time and have been carried out by some members of the locality and executive officers of the ward.

“It is sad to note that some of these land frauds are done by unscrupulous leaders,” he said.

The project is divided into sixteen (16) lots carried out by eighteen (18) different contractors. Fifteen (15) contractors are undertaking building work.

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