Lindi Town

DID YOU KNOW? LINDI Town was founded in the 11th century. It is located at the mouth of the Lukuledi River. The region was once an important sisal-producing plantation area, especially in Kikwetu, surrounding the Lindi airstrip, 25 kilometers north of town.

There is no record of a previous name of the Swahili town. In the 17th century, the town was renamed by the Omani Arab colonizers as Lindi meaning “deep channel”.

The Omanis dominated local people and used the location as a port to sell and transport enslaved humans and ivory to the global market.

With the coming of the German occupation in the 19th century and later on the British occupation after World War I, the town was the administrative capital of the southern province until 1952 where it was moved to Mtwara City due to its favorable harbor potential in Lindi Bay.

In 1971, ten years after independence, the Nyerere administration made Lindi Town the regional seat for Lindi Region.

However, the following year in 1972 due to a socialist policy, urban councils were abolished in favor of rural development In 1978 urban councils were reintroduced.

The main economic activities are fishing, salt production, and the farming of coconut, cashew nuts, roselles KARIBU TANZANIA!

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