Leak Scandal: Tanzania invalidates nursing, midwifery exam results

DAR ES SALAAM: The Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMC) has declared the results of registration and licensing exams for 1,330 nurses and midwives invalid due to the discovery of leaked exam materials before the scheduled examination date.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Health’s acting Head of Government Communications, Mr. Englibert Kayombo, authorities became aware of the leaked examinations conducted on September 7, 2023.
Following a comprehensive investigation, it was confirmed that the leaked exams had been widely circulated among diploma-level candidates.

“The Ministry hereby informs the public that all results of the registration and licensing exam for diploma-level nurses and midwives have been invalidated in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Act of 2010, Training Regulations of 2010, Article 22(3),” the statement issued on Tuesday stated.

Individuals responsible for the exam leak have been identified and suspended pending disciplinary and legal proceedings.

The statement also highlighted that measures have been implemented to ensure TNMC verifies the qualifications of professionals, emphasizing the delivery of high-quality medical services and prioritizing the safety of individuals relying on nursing and midwifery care.

“Unfortunately, this incident adds to recent reports tarnishing the healthcare profession in Tanzania, including maternal deaths attributed to negligence by healthcare providers, including midwives and doctors,” read the statement.

In response to the invalidated results, TNMC has announced that all diploma-level candidates will have the opportunity to retake the exam free of charge. The reexamination is scheduled for February 16, 2024, in Dodoma, with candidates not required to re-register.

The invalidated results pertain to the registration and licensing exams for nurses and midwives at all levels, involving a total of 1,434 individuals, conducted on September 7, 2023. Results for other candidates have already been released, and they have received their respective outcomes.

TNMC, operating under the Ministry of Health, is tasked with overseeing the nursing and midwifery professions in Tanzania, guided by the Nursing and Midwifery Act of 2010.

Among its key responsibilities is the registration, listing, and licensing of nurses and midwives of all levels through the administration of Registration and Licensing Examinations, as outlined in Section 15(a) (b) of the Nursing and Midwifery Act of 2010.

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