KIA is no longer run by KADCO – Speaker

DODOMA: SPEAKER of the National Assembly Dr Tulia Ackson has assured the public that Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) is currently run by the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) as it was resolved by the Parliament in 2022.

The Head of the Legislature was prompted to issue an assurance yesterday after Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company (KADCO) issued a public notice on March 10, 2024, ordering residents who encroached the airport to vacate immediately.

According to the Speaker, residents, who were ordered to vacate the area, appeared to be confused on the authority they were supposed to deal with given the fact that the Parliament had in 2022 resolved that KIA should be run by TAA.

When the Parliament was deliberating on the Controller and Auditor General’s (CAG) reports in 2022, the Parliamentary Infrastructure Development Committee and the MPs in general called for KIA to be placed in the hands of TAA.

Stressing on the need for KIA to be in the custody of TAA, the Parliament in November 2023 reached the same resolution.

According to Speaker Tulia, the question of who manages the airport should not be the matter of concern to individuals ordered to vacate the area around the airport since the matter is clear. “The Parliament is aware that the airport is under TAA. That is understandable.

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