JP Magufuli bridge reaches 88.2 pc

MWANZA: THE JP Magufuli Bridge project has reached 88.2 per cent and is expected to be completed in December this year.

The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROAD) Mwanza Region Representative Engineer Richard Ruyango revealed this during the official tour of the project by Mwanza Regional Commissioner Said Mtanda.

He said that the cost of the project is 716.3bn/- and it is covered by the government of Tanzania for 100 per cent. Engineer Ruyango added that the design of the bridge is 3 kilometers long and 28.45 metres wide, but it also includes two 7-meter-wide vehicle lanes, that is, two lanes going and two lanes coming back.

“The completion of this project will ensure movement of people, goods and services throughout the year and it will also help to end the heavy traffic that occurs on the ferry and reduce travel time and improve transportation. This bridge will also become an important milestone in Lake Zone Regions” he said.

On his side Mwanza Regional Commissioner Mr Said Mtanda commended the construction progress of the of the project.

“I am very pleased that 93 per cent of the more than 764 people who are present in this project are native Tanzanians, but also small jobs have grown and the economic opportunity for our people in Sengerema and Misungwi has grown as a result of this project,” he stated. Furthermore, Mr Mtanda advised that a modern scale be installed on the bridge side to measure the cars that will pass through the bridge.

On his part, Sengerema Member of Parliament Mr Hamis Tabasamu has commended President.

Samia Suluhu Hassan for her courage and great work in ensuring that the project is completed.

He added that the completion of the bridge will provide great benefits to the residents of Sengerema and Tanzanians in general while making a request to the relevant ministry to ensure that the bridge is protected.

“This bridge has been invested at a great cost, this bridge needs protection, not only protection by the military but protection of the infrastructure,” he said.

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